How to force Google Calendar to sync with Appointments+ more often ?


I've installed Appointments+ and I'm happily using it ever since.
But the major issue I've got with it is that when I want to add appointments directly to my Google Calendar (without using the wordpress app), it takes hours, even days to sync to my website.
The problem is that customers are able to schedule appointments when I'm already busy...
Any chance that I could force Google Calendar to sync more often ?
Maybe a CRON command ?

Best Regards,

  • Vaughan

    Hi @quentin_hello,

    It should take on average around 10 mins.

    It varies depending on how busy the site is. The busier the quicker it syncs.

    However if it's taking days sometimes, it sounds like you are using the actual default primary calendar in google. You should never use the primary calendar as syncing is slow, this is a google issue and nothing to do with the plugin. You should create a new second calendar and use that callendar with apps+. If you are not using the primary google calendar, then, the server might need adjusting.

    Hope this helps

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