How To Force Login On Root Domain For Multisite Blog Network

I’ve setup the following blog network:

…with the Front page (and entire root site) set to a training library.

I'm currently using the plugin "Force Login" to force visitors to to log in to access this training library. Of course, only site admins will be able to log in.

My goal is that when any Site user logs in (using Force Login), they’ll go to the root site (the training library) BEFORE they go to their WP Dashboard (there is a dashboard link on the root site).

WITHOUT Force Login, this works because the Front page is not protected. However, this makes the training library page ( accessible to the public, and each user has to log in using the URL - not the root domain

– WITH Force Login, this doesn’t work how I want it to…

When Super Admin logs in, it works. The Front page/site of is visible. I understand this is because a Super Admin has access to the entire network.

However, when any other Site user logs in (eg. admin of, the following error appears when redirected to (the training library):

“You’re not authorized to access this site.”

I understand that Force Login does a great job at, well... Forcing Login for site admins. However, once a site admin logs in, because of the way this plugin works, they can only access THEIR site/s.

So my question is…

How can I set this training library Front page/site ( so that it’s viewable by ALL Site users in my network as soon as they log in (when they’re redirected)?

Is there a plugin that WPMU DEV has that would allow me to do this? Or something you'd recommend?

FYI - Here's what I'm looking to accomplish in Images.

Step #1 - ANY site user MUST login at (otherwise they can't access the site to this root domain - the training library)


Step #2 - ALL site users are redirected to (training library shows because ANY site user is logged in)


Step #3 - ANY site user can click on the "Dashboard" link on to go to their WP Dashboard (I got this part sorted).


Thank you and look forward to any advice around this!

- Alex