How to format a page that is being used as a Gallery page with the Flickr Photo album Plugin

Hi there,

i've just installed the flickr photo Album (Flickr Photo Album plugin for WordPress.), plug in, and created a page that streams my flickr albums to a 'Gallery Page" at the moment i cannot work out how to format this page but would like to have the page to be 2 columns, with the right area being a widgitized area. . any ideas on how i can make this happen? This is for the buddy social template theme.

The instructions say that i need to modify this file: (i've copied the code here below) - i'm just unsure what i need to do, to bring the right column back to life: Instructions as per plugin below:

Look and Feel Customization

Not all WordPress themes are created equal. The first thing you'll want to do is make sure the photoalbum-index.php template file closely matches your own theme's index.php or page.php. In particular, make sure any DIV tags in your own theme's files are reflected in the photoalbum-index.php.

All the templates are located inside a "templates" folder inside the tantan-flickr directory.
If you just want to customize a particular template, just copy that template into your current theme directory. This ensures that when the plugin get's updated, your changes will not be lost.
To completely customize the look and feel, copy all these template files (they all start with photoalbum-) into your current theme directory and modify as necessary.
Modify the HTML and CSS in the template files to fit your own site. All the CSS are referenced from the template file photoalbum-header.html
That's it!

you can see how the page currently looks here: (without the right column)



CODE OF CURRENT FILE : photoalbum-index.php which needs to be modified.

Template Name: Photo Album

If you want to customize the look and feel of your photo album, follow these steps.

You'll probably need a good understanding of HTML and CSS!

1. Copy this file into your current active theme's directory
2. Also copy all the files starting with "photoalbum-" into your theme's directory
* Alternatively, you could only copy just the "photoalbum-" file you want to customize into your current themes directory.
3. Customize the CSS in photoalbum-header.html to your liking.
4. That's it :slight_smile:

The main template files:
- photoalbum-albums-index.html shows all your Flickr sets (aka albums)
- photoalbum-album.html displays a highlight photo and all the photos for an album
- photoalbum-photo.html displays one photo, along with next and previous photo links

Troubleshooting Tips:
Not all WordPress themes are created equal, so default look and feel might look a little weird
on your blog. Try looking at your theme's "index.php" and copy and paste any extra HTML or
PHP into this file.

$Revision: 128 $
$Date: 2008-04-24 00:16:32 -0400 (Thu, 24 Apr 2008) $
$Author: joetan54 $

global $TanTanFlickrPlugin;
if (!is_object($TanTanFlickrPlugin)) wp_die('Flickr Photo Album plugin is not installed / activated!');


// load the appropriate albums index, album's photos, or individual photo template.
// $photoTemplate contains the template being used
<div id="content" class="narrowcolumn">
include($tpl = $TanTanFlickrPlugin->getDisplayTemplate($photoTemplate));

// uncomment this line to print out the template being used
// echo 'Photo Album Template: '.$tpl;

<?php if (!is_object($Silas)):?>
<div class="flickr-meta-links">
Powered by the Flickr Photo Album plugin for WordPress.
<?php endif; ?>


// uncomment this if you need a sidebar


where i would need to put the code to do this? and what code would i need?