How to from MultiSite to SingleSite

Hi Team,

We have a multisite site up with 1 site.

We don't need the multisite for this website anymore.

How can we switch from multisite to singlesite?
And can we keep the 1 site in the multisite?
That will be the main site from now.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance, Stijn

  • Alexander

    Hi @Rogier & Stijn,

    Do you have any backups from before you made the switch to Multisite? I'm sorry, there really isn't an easy way to go back. Once you convert to Multisite, the database tables change.

    The best thing would be to export your content, rebuild the site as a single site, then import the content again.

    Alternatively, there aren't any performance disadvantages to running one site on a Multisite network, in case there was an option to stay. You'd just need to deal with using the network dashboard for plugin management.

    Best regards,

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