How To Get Affiliates

Hey everyone I want people to be my sales reps but how do people utilize the plugin Affiliates to the best of it's ability, I love the idea of someone signing up and then gets paid almost automatically.

but how do I get them?

noob when it comes to this :slight_smile:

  • Gabe

    The same way you get them to buy your product, read your blog post or do just about anything else for you on the internet. You need to get their attention and your product needs to be worth selling--both in terms of being a worthwhile product and delivering decent commissions.

    It's probably the easiest to convert satisfied customers into affiliates. If you don't have any customers, you might want to give away free accounts or extended free trials in exchange for reviews to bloggers in a related industry.

    There are a lot of affiliate networks out there, but it's hard to find one that doesn't force you to use their own system (you don't need it since you have this plugin). There are also plenty of internet marketing forums that are dedicated to helping people like you find affiliates and affiliates find people like you. I'd just be careful though, 99% of the affiliate market is trash. Not only will bad affiliates send you bad leads, but their tactics can hurt your reputation and your search rankings.

    I recommend working hard on customer development and getting a decent customer base first and learn more about how your product is used, and then work on getting affiliates that cater to that target market. I know it may sound like putting the cart before the horse, but you don't want to be another guy throwing his links out there via affiliates before he has any real customers. You should be able to sell your product before you ask someone else to. If you're already there, then great. Hope this helps.

  • Fullworks

    Ok affiliates are a valid way to win businesses, but you have to work on both obtaining affiliates and then keeping them happy, here are a few ways to find potential affiliates
    - Run paid search campaigns (PPC) to attract potential affiliates to a landing page
    - Become part of the affiliate communities 'google affiliate forum' and find the active ones, and contribute
    - Search for obvious affiliate sites, and use the contact forms to contact them offering your deal
    - find out about face to face affiliate events and participate (google ' Events and Conferences for Affiliate Marketing')

    To win affiliates you need to offer a decent commission, 30-50% is the sort of thing that attracts people to make an effort to sell software / e-books etc. Online product retailers can work at much lower % such as 5-10% .

    Hope that helps

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