how to get back OLD e-newsletters?

Hi there,

I've got e-Newsletter up and running and it's pretty nice. Thank you!

I have a small problem though. I have it on a site and used version Version 1.2.3 to create newsletters.

When I updated, I can see the newsletters, just can't edit them.

Any hints on how I can get those back out of my database or what might be going on?

I had the site installed at and then used Interconnect It to move the site to the root folder.

But, my problem was there BEFORE the move.

It's a pretty HTML extensive newsletter so I'm thinking that, too, may be a problem.

Here's a link to the older ones:!%20This%20Thursday%2010%2025.htm

Once again, I just need to get that HTML out of there so I can pop those up as archived. (like the one you just saw if you clicked the above link)