How to get buyer on to mailing list?

Hi. I'd like to be able to integrate MarketPress with my mailing list.

On a product by product basis I'd like MarketPress to automatically add the buyer to a mailing list.

So for example, I sell physical products and digital products. I also now want to sell an ecourse. The ecourse will be mailed out over 4 weeks using an autoresponder sequence. So when they buy the ecourse they get the standard email from MarketPress plus are added to the list I've specified against that product. Different products will go to different lists.

I'm currently using Wysija for a mailing list service, but would also like the option of Mailchimp or Aweber.

How can I achieve this? thanks!

  • PC

    Hello there,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    Currently there is no out of the box way to achieve product by product mailing list unless you get someone to custom code it for you.

    However I can think of a work around where you can auto opt in the buyers to a mail chimp mailing list. However it will not work for the Guest checkouts. Only registered members will be able to be opted in.

    You can use plugin here.

    I will allow you to auto opt in any users which register on your site to a Mailchimp mailing list.

    I hope this will give you a good direction :slight_smile:

    Please feel free to ask if you have any questions and I will be around.

    Sales &Support

  • bluekimberlite

    HI Sorry - finally got a chance to return to this.

    Unfortunately that won't work for me. I will be listing several products and each one needs to go on a separate list in either Mailchimp or Aweber so that it triggers an autoresponder sequence.

    I need to be able to link a product to a list. So I see it working something like this:
    - I set up the link between MarketPress and my mailing list provider
    - each time I create a product I enter into a field the name of the list
    - when a sale is processed the buyer email address is added to the list
    - the mailing list then send emails to the buyer according to the rules I've set up

    I've used other shopping cart plugins that do this, but this site needs MarketPress as it's a multisite network of shops (Etsy style).

    Can I add a meta box to the Add Product screen to enter the list name and then have a sale trigger a process that sends the buyer's details to the mailing list? Does MarketPress have the functionality for me to hook into to create these triggers?

    Or is there another way to approach this?

    thank you!

  • PC

    Hey there @bluekimberlite

    Thanks for posting back. Sorry for the delay in response as I was away sick.

    What you are trying to achive is not possible at this moment I am afraid.

    I was however sent as a feature request in the past where each MarketPress product can be sent to a different list (using eNewsletter or some other integration)

    I have moved this to "Features and Feedback" and sent a not to Aaron for his feedback and to the Product team so that they can discuss this in detail.

    Cheers, PC

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