How to get CUD and GF to work together?

I’m having a terrible time to make CUD, also know as Custom Upload Directory, to work with GF, also know as Gravity Forms, and I have no idea whatsoever how to solve this.

I know these are not WPMUDEV plugins, but since there’s a lot of WordPress experts here, I thought it would be worth to try getting some help here, as I have exausted the amount of help I could get from CUD and GF themselves.

Until now, this is the best clue to solve the issue, but I don’t know how to apply it:

Who knows, perhaps finding an answer for this issue here, will serve to show how WPMUDEV community is on another level.

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hello Ray!

    I have checked out your post and the one you reference, but I am hopelessly lost :slight_frown: Very sorry.

    I am sure there are others here who are more advanced like yourself that may be able to help solve this mystery!



  • Ray
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks Kimberly, I’m on a mission to find this answer, because the alternative would be to stop using either of these plugins, and really I don’t want that. Oh, and I’m far from being an advanced developer, actually I’m not even a developer! :slight_smile:

  • Ray
    • Flash Drive

    Here’s a quick update. I send an email to CUD plugin developer Ulf Benjaminsson, as I hoped he could help shed some light over the subject, and help not only me, but many others that are trying to get these plugins to work together.

    I asked if there’s any planning on updating CUD to become compatible with GF, or if he had any other solution for that issue in place. For my utter surprise, I got a quite an unreasonably rude response.

    I’m shocked with his response. Perhaps too many people have been emailing him about CUD and GF compatibility, or perhaps its just an unfortunate bad day.

    I wonder, have you guys ever experience this sort of response when approaching a WordPress plugin developer for help? I’ve been on the net exchanging emails with strangers since 1999, and this is the very first time that happen.

    Either way, I’m not trying to make this plugins work together anymore. I’m not fond of supporting bad behaviour.

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Ray I’m so sorry that dev was rude :slight_frown:

    You are lucky though if you’ve been doing this so long and this is the first rude reply you have received :wink:

    I think WordPress attracts alot of different kinds of folks and many release plugins or start developing to create tools that they themselves need, they are not interested in compatibility. Or then sometimes the developer has very different intentions when creating their plugin from what you intend to use it for and they do not feel that your use is appropriate or warranted. Their prerogative I guess… in any instance.

    It’s not always easy getting so many tools to work together (no pun intended :wink:

    Best of Luck! I hope you find some way to make it work!

    I will ask one of our other staffers to chime in, to see if they have more to say

  • James Dunn
    • The Crimson Coder

    Goodday @ray

    As @kimberly said, I’m surprised this is your first rude experience – I guess you’ve just been fortunate. Anyway, as Kimberly says, I’ve found this on numerous occasions. A developer develops a plugin for their own use and it works very well. In the spirit of Open Source, they offer it to others to use. However, sometimes it’s sooooo specialized for their application that it will not work for others applications and as such it will not work for others.

    Because they’re developed it, it’s become their baby and they are as protective as a Mom is of her own babies. When you ask about a problem or modification, many are willing to help you out – even if it’s only to offer code suggestions (some will even code them for you). But, then there’s that rare one that just takes offense.

    You could of course, fork the plugin and have it developed for your use (but that does cost money and time), or just hunt something else that might work as a substitute.

    BTW, don’t expect much help from the folks at Gravity Forms. Don’t misunderstand this, because I dearly love Gravity Forms and use it extensively. It’s just that you may encounter a bit of arrogance when dealing with them. They have a system that works well and can sometimes appear aloof when you ask something or make suggestions. However, their support community is very active and has been helpful to me. Just be prepared for the attitude – very different from the Dev attitude. And, I’m not saying you will definitely get it – it’s just sometimes.

    BTW, what does CUD do? I’m curious to know because there may be something else that would work with GF and not make you pull hair out. :wink:

    Have a productive day.

    James Dunn

    Athens, GA USA

  • Ray
    • Flash Drive


    I do my best to always be polite with anyone I engage in conversation; online or offline. That probably have something to do with some of my luck, or at least I like to think that. :slight_smile:

    I agre with you on the prerogative argument, and I’m very appreciative of the hours of work that WordPress developers put on the creation of the plugins I use. Whenever possible I make donations to them. Actually, I buy many plugins!

    I just think there are nicer ways to address a request for help, such as saying you don’t have the time to answer or that you don’t answer to customised help requests; what the heck, even not answering at all would be a better alternative.


    CUD is short for Custom Upload Dir, and essentially allows total control of your upload structure for media files, so with CUD you can get this sort file structure:

    I cannot deny that CUD is a fantastic plugin, I have been using it for a long time in many sites. More recently, I started building a new site, and really wanted to get it running with GF.

    Perhaps that’s why I got so surprised. I would never expect the developer of such a great plugin to be so obnoxious.

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Perhaps that’s why I got so surprised. I would never expect the developer of such a great plugin to be so obnoxious.

    I have dealt with a developer recently who seems very snarky in his replies and comments. If one did not know that English is not his first language and that there was a huge communication gap he would come off rather rude. He is incredibly intelligent and actually very nice, but can come across the opposite sometimes :slight_smile:

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