How to Get & Display User Membership Level Dynamically


I need to Get & Display the Name of the Membership Level of the User. I found some threads about getting the membership but I didnt find the ones that would describe my problem exactly.

I need to display the Membership Name, not the ID, for example display:

Hello, You are on a 'Golden Membership" Level, thats why you see this piece of content.

Just a silly example, but it shows what I need.

I need to bind this function and display it inside the QuForm, in my theme functions.php

I have following snippet:

add_filter('iphorm_element_value_your_membership_level', 'your_membership_level_mytheme_set_parameter');

function your_membership_level_mytheme_set_parameter($value)
Function snippet needed

Once I'll have the function snippet, It will be easy for me to make the form work.

Hope you guys can help me with this.

Thank you!