how to get fundraiser to link to paypal

Right, just spent several hours trying to get fundraiser working and register the app. Before doing so decided to create a fundraiser (crowsourced t-shirts) and completed the setup and fundraiser as per instructions. It can be seen here in sandbox mode

When I make my pledge, and fill in name and address and hit complete pledge, it takes me to and not to paypal. No pledge is recorded in the pledges table - in effect nothing is happening. The end result is I can't complete the app registration as it is not working in test mode!



  • Alexander

    Hi @TrueHammer,

    I just tried reaching those pages, but I'm getting "page not found"

    Is this part of the problem you're having? If so, can you please try resetting your Permalinks? You can do this by going to "Settings -> Permalinks" and clicking "save" WordPress caches it's permalink rules for performance, and some events may cause them to become corrupt. This action will clear the cache and allow them to rebuild.

    Best regards,

  • TrueHammer

    Apologies - got dragged off that re-save seemed to work, but no it was not part of the problem, just something that appeared between me posting and you responding!. Useful to know that fix!

    BTW, when you fill in the fundraiser and select to pledge you go to the address block (interesting no name here - so it doesn't "sign up users"), then when you complete is goes back to same page, but shows the fundraiser options, but no image.

    Have created a second fundraiser which initially was the same, then I turned off the address. Different issue, the call to paypal was incorrect and the address appeared underneath, despite turning it off!

    Will continue to play some more, but leave these two alone! Any help gratefully received.

  • TrueHammer

    OK - update.... (suggest greater info on sandbox mode installation instructions - if they are there I missed them!)

    Test two seems to work in sandbox mode, but I needed sandbox credentials (I didn't see this in the instructions - was that me missing them of them not being there???!!!)

    Likewise test One seems to work, as in both take me out to Paypal....

    So, whilst there needs to be lots more testing, it does appear this topic is closed...

  • Alexander

    Hey @TrueHammer,

    Can you briefly test using the TwentyFourteen theme and advise if this makes a difference? It's possible that there's an issue with the theme not allowing redirection properly.

    I just tried a pledge on this page:

    I can't even get past the first step. Let me know about the theme, otherwise I can check in with the developers to see if they have any insight here.

    Best regards,

  • TrueHammer

    @Alexander... firstly the link you tried isn't the fundraiser, it is the second part of the process - you need to remove the /pledge from the url you are trying. However, did as you asked and tried 2014 theme and no difference to outcome.

    However, lots of googling and found out I need to have and use sandbox paypal accounts for testing and not real accounts

    So, and are now being heavily tested with several different types of test paypal accounts (bank/card verified etc).

    It appears that

    Dare I suggest that the documentation that goes with fundraiser could be improved to cover not just the plugin installation and how it works, but also the links to the cheat sheets be kept up to date, as in how to register the app with paypal (the current links don't work and refer to rather than and then how to test advanced payments in particular in sandbox mode. It may be that the whole of the paypal/developer/sandbox needs to be a separate doc, that is referred to by any plugin that requires an app to register. I think I now have it, but it has taken several hours of research and getting very close to purchasing ignitiondeck after creating a stripe account as I could not see how your plugin integrated into paypal.....

    Observations re the plugin. A fundraiser often offers T-shirts or other items for dispatch as a reward. You rightly allow for the capture of an address, but appear not to allow capture of first/second name (e-mail seems to be the paypal one, which is fine, but perhaps the backer only uses that one for paypal, so perhaps allow capture of "preferred/best" email as well, and also there will be times (t-shirts a classic case), where size is important (S, M, L, Xl, XXL, others?); Perhaps colours and a comments field. As it is, I will need to offer a different reward for each size of T-shirt, plus colour combination, when it would be so much easier to have optional drop downs and or comment field.

    The alternative (and probably cumbersome) solution is to remove the address field and try to call a bespoke gravity form in the fundraiser itself.

    Overall, with a comprehensive and up to date install and paypal connectivity guide and a few extra/optional fields this could be an outstanding plugin - at the moment, it seems it lacks a bit of refinement.

  • TrueHammer

    OK - pretty happy I have a working solution in as far as it goes. Two fundraisers, one with pre-auth pledges, one with completed pledges as goal achieved.

    However, a gravity form added to capture name/e-mail and sizes/colours of t-shirts won't work one ends up with two "submit" buttons on a page one for the form, one for the pledge. The result could work if you worded the "thanks" message very carefully and had a two stage process pledge process - you would also have to manually link the gravity forms/pledge together and get them right. Not necessarily great idea as different e-mails could be used.

    So, to make this a really great plugin, there is a need, IMHO, to add selectable additional fields:

    First Name
    Second Name
    e-mail (which may be different from the paypal one, but that gets recorded anyway)
    Size (with the ability to add/define radio button answers)
    Colour (ditto)
    Quantity (not sure if this is needed/sensible or not)
    Comment field

    and ideally the ability to add/define a few more fields, but I think those above may suffice. Each should be "optional" to display and optional mandatory or not.

    BTW currently the address form starts with Country and had a typo of "Addres" for Address line 2. (ideally each entry would be selectable to display or not - or you offer the ability to integrate with other forms plugins - especially GF)

    Appreciate this may need to move to feature requests, but I would hazard a guess this isn't a huge undertaking as it doesn't (I think) impact the paypal transaction, merely the local database??? - but then I am not a tekky!

  • TrueHammer

    OK.... bottom line seems to be that fundraiser works - only PayPal doesn't support fundraising - well not crowdfunding (which is really the difference from a PayPal donate now button and fundraiser).

    To use PayPal in this way, the hoops to jump through are:

    1. Many
    2. High
    3. Deep
    4. Technical

    A much simpler payment solution is Stripe... but Fundraiser only work with PayPal and for crowdsourcing you need adaptive payments.

    Reluctant advice (as I do think the simplicity of the plugin is great), is find an alternative... happy to recommend via PM.

    Suggestion to WPMUDev.... integrate Stripe.

  • Alexander

    Hi @TrueHammer,

    I would like to move this to Features & Feedback. Great observations here. It would be good to integrate with something like Stripe for a more flexible adaptive payments system.

    I think some of the challenges are also in all the changes PayPal has made to it's API as of late.

    Glad to see you have it working now. I'm sorry for not being able to respond to you sooner.

    Best regards,

  • TrueHammer

    Move away - also post big warning to users re PayPal! bottom line is I have had to use alternative plugin and stripe to do some basic crowdsourcing, so to all intents until you have stripe in fundraiser it is not suitable for most people who might want to do crowdsourcing/fundraising, though will work for donations (but then again so do paypal buttons or simple donations). For most people fundraiser will be a plugin that cannot deliver what is says as paypal is stopping it!

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