How to get issues with the Schedule Selected Content plugin resolved

If I only have Mon-Sat specials it works fine. Once I place Sunday content into the post, it displays the Sunday content every day next to the actual day's content. Site is, running on the Genesis framework, and the code in the post is:
[scheduled weekly="1" time="05:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]Monday's specials[/scheduled]

[scheduled weekly="2" time="05:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]Tuesday's specials[/scheduled]

[scheduled weekly="3" time="05:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]Wednesday's specials[/scheduled]

[scheduled weekly="4" time="05:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]Thursday's specials[/scheduled]

[scheduled weekly="5" time="05:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]Friday's specials are fish, fish and more fish. With beer.[/scheduled]

[scheduled weekly="6" time="05:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]Saturday's specials[/scheduled]

[scheduled weekly="0" time="05:00 AM" length="0:1:0:0"]Sunday's specials[/scheduled]