How to get Membership Users to be the same Member users for a Directory Listing website?

I am trying to create a map-based directory website that is only viewable to people who have paid a subscription. Basically only a handful of pages will be public – Home, About, Contact, etc. The entire rest of the website will be available to paid subscribers only.

All of the directory listings themes out there seem to only have the capability to charge for the ability to post listings on a directory site. None (that I’ve found) charge to be able to see the listings. I want posting the listings to be be free and the subscription fee will allow subscribers to see the listings on a map.

Enter Membership, the plugin and my theme, Atlas by Themes Depot. Both Atlas and Membership are perfect for my needs but essentially the the two don’t talk to each other and here’s why:

The specific problem is that in the Atlas theme, there is a front end submission that utilizes geolocate and this is the main reason why I need this theme to work. This front end submission with geolocate is tied to a custom user default role Atlas has defined as ‘Listing Contributor’. I set this preference in Settings/general – new user default role. This puts all new registrants/users/listing submitters as a Listing Contributor, which shows up in a list for the Atlas theme, under Memberships (not the plugin, just a section of Atlas theme called Memberships). Atlas does not allow for me to charge for a subscription to view the listing. It only allows me to charge to submit listings.

Memberships, the plugin also works beautifully and allows me to charge for subscriptions to view content. But it puts all the people who pay under users in a separate section of the website (Users). With them in the wrong section, they don’t have access to most of the themes’ perks.

Without Atlas, I don’t get the geolocate map and theme functionality that I need. Without Membership, I can’t charge a subscription to see the content.

In summary, I need the Membership plugin list of paid users and the Atlas theme list of members to be the same list. Is there a way to force the Membership plugin users to have this custom new user role defined in the Atlas theme?

Any ideas at all? I’m lost! I think I see what the problem is (maybe I don’t) but I have no clue how to proceed.