How to get started with multi vendors on marketpress

We've managed to install marketpress. Phew!
Now I need to work out how to set up multi-vendor functionality.
How do you do this? Is there a multisite plug in? Or do I need to do something in my marketpress plug in?
I'm new to all of this - please help!

  • Kimberly

    Hi Nadia and Welcome to WPMUdev community!

    Depending on what you were hoping to acheive you can go about creating your site one of two ways.

    1. You allow users to register on your site and sell from that one site.

    2. You create a multisite, where you give each user their own subsite, and you create one global store on your main site.

    Option 1 will get messy, as you can only have 1 paypal account per marketpress install. So there is no way, besides manual calculation for your users to get paid, and each will have access to the others' products unless you create custom user roles for everyone.

    Option 2 is much better, everyone can have their own site and you can use our global shortcodes to list products from all of your subsites on your main site.

    Here is some info to get you started.

    As well as some info on Marketpress usage

    Once you've decided what you would like to do just let us know and we can help :slight_smile:



  • Nollie

    I apologize for revisiting this question 4 yrs later...
    I am developing multisites using desktop server and have installed marketpress. I'm stuck at quick setup. Do I setup marketpress in my network dash or site dash (globally or by site)?

    I am developing a mall where each vendor will have their own store but customers can use one cart to checkout anywhere in the mall. The post above mentions one global store... I'm wanting multiple distinct stores. Is the mall considered a global store? I'm confused as to which option I fall under. Since global carts must be disabled to use chained payments, this method won't work for a single "mall" cart. Is this right? Since I want to use a single cart, I need to set up marketpress globally under the network dashboard?

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