How to get started with Upfront


I am having a hard time getting going using Upfront, can you help me?

Basically what I am trying to do is start fresh without having to customise another theme (I really don't get how, sorry, and it's making for overwhelm as I want to get my site going).

I would like to have images be full screen and have maybe 3 of them fade into each other, with text in the centre of the page saying to "Check out Today's Hotel Deals" which can be hyperlinked. The images are already in the Media library.

That's really about all I want to get happening today, I will need to refine later.

Later I would like to use the Directory plug-in underneath the full-screen images, as described above, but for now I just want to get something on the screen, but I am not sure how to load a blank theme and put these images in place.