How to get the membership plugin's paid subscription working / developer quote?

Hi, I'm having a few challenges getting the membership plugin working properly...

I've setup three access levels:

1) 'All Members' which is intended for site visitors or when you're logged out.
2) 'Compass Membership' which is free, has access to the buddypress community and will get some downloads and can access just 3 of my 9 or so groups
3) "Navigator Membership' which I would like to be paid by paypal subscription, has full access to buddypress community

...and two subscription plans

1) Compass Membership
2) Navigator membership

...which are both active and public.

Compass membership is set to 'Serial' for 1 day and is free. I want Compass membership to be ongoing unless someone want to upgrade their subscription to Navigator membership, which is to be subscribed annually and paid for.

Navigator membership is set to "Finite" for 1 years and is paid for. I would like this to be a subscription via paypal and if the user wants to downgrade the option they can do so via their account page.

When a visitor clicks on the register page, they then get the two options to signup. The free membership option 'sign up' button takes them to the registration form - great.

At one point I went to go to the buddypress settings page and set the registration page to none in order for this to work properly. But changed the setting back - Is that right?

The paid for 'sign up' button also now takes them to the registration page too. I want it to take them to the payment gateway page! But It either goes to a restricted access page or back to the homepage!

Also it's showing the subscription options twice for some reason!

I've had to disable the plugin at the moment, but now have no way of taking paid for subscriptions unless I can get this plugin working.

In fact I'd be open to a developer quoting me to set the plugin up properly, I think I'm 90% of the way, I I just can't seem to get it over the line, help!