how to get whmcs provisioning on localhost to work


I installed whmcs mu provisioning plugin on localhost and have tried using it with a WP install on my localhost and on a live server. Each time I get the following error:

Order Accept Encountered Problems

I followed the usage guide for whmcs mu provisioning and the only place I might have made an error if any is in the Default domain field. I added the wp multisite domain in that field. The multisite is a subdomain install.

Please what could be wrong and how can it be resolved? My WHMCS provisioning plugin points to my localhost IP on both my localhost and my live server installations. I know it might be kinda wrong adding the ip address on the live server because it's local network is different. However, even for my wp multisite server on my local machine, I get the same error.

I need to make the tests on my WHMCS development server (on localhost) and not on my live whmcs server. Please what can I do to effectively test whmcs provisioning using whmcs on a local machine?

Many thanks