How to get your child theme to look exactly like your parent theme

Okay, I think I’ve almost got the process for creating a child theme down. But my end result child theme is showing signs of formatting by Elegant Themes, and it’s a WPMU website. It doesn’t look like it’s supposed to. The parent website is and it’s supposed to look like Screen Shot 1. But when I create the child theme, it ends up looking like Screen Shot 2.

In GoDaddy’s ftp file manager for this website, I have created a child theme (Screen Shot 3), and added a style.css file to it (Screen Shot 4). The style.css file has the coding from Screen Shot 5 in it.

I hope someone can tell me what is going wrong.

A few minutes later: All five screen shots did not originally upload. But I believe they are all there now. Screen shots 1 and 2 needed to be reduced in size.