How to give a bonus week to paid subscribers?

Assuming you got an active member (active subscription) with recurring, active subscription paid automatically each 7 days, what would you do to give a "bouns week/one bonus subscription cycle" to that member?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello stripedrhino,

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    I got some additional information about this from our Second Level Support and I can confirm that due to the way subscriptions are handled by payment gateways, there's no "out of the box" solution for this currently.

    With PayPal and Stripe, plugin sets up subscription in payment gateway's system and all the future payments are in fact triggered by the payment gateway, not the plugin. Plugin generates invoices but it's a payment gateway that initiates payment "communication" here and the plugin renews membership based on a messages it gets from gateway.

    A workaround here would be to watch payments and manually refund member (from payment gateway level, so the plugin "wouldn't know about it") - from user's perspective it would be a free period while the plugin would work with no interruptions and it wouldn't affect subscription created at the gateway.

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