How to go about using manual Payment mode?

I opted for manual payment to go about from here. For example user shows interest in certain pro site level, he will make the payment manually - fine - but how will I come to know that person has shown interest in upgrading his/her level. (some email notification for the same is required..i suppose...or I am missing something.)

Secondly how can I showcase these pro site levels on my that user can click and check out - but I also should come to know that person has shown interest.

Is it a valid query? or something wrong at my end.

  • Pawan Arora

    Thanks Timothy.

    I saw this, but I am sure - I am not getting the hang of it.

    See my problem is:

    1. How person will come to know these packages exist? (He/she needs to be a member or even others can see these packages).

    2. Given the instruction here - how to make the payments. What I want is that I should come to know that person has shown some interest so that I can follow up that person.

    3. When I click on one of the tabs - it turns RED and nothing happens beyond that? can we - in the instructions we give about manual payments - provide a button that takes to some other page with the package information the person has selected - telling this amount should be paid. or some other good suggestions.

    4. Can admin be notified about this action taken by the client through email or any other form of notification.

    5. Can a form be inserted in the place provided - in the screen shot, so that some data can be collected.

    6. How to access the variables which are set when client selects any of the level options.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Pawan Arora

    Somebody please help me out with these issues - to get me going.

    I have tried to check out existing threads to find out if similar issues have been addressed - but somehow looks like nobody is using manual payment system..In India people usually like paying manually.

    * Also payment gateways allow only one of them to be selected. Can't we give more than one options to the client - manually or say Paypal.

    You guys are great- must also be busy solving other issues.

    Please get me going...

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    1. Why not create a drop page for all that information, you know a sales page?

    Maybe a pricing table:

    2. If you wish people to contact you first then you could create a form with something like Contact 7, Gravity or Formidable:

    Gravity Forms:

    Formidable Pro

    3. How do you mean? Could you show me a screenshot of what you mean?

    4. If you're wanting some custom form option which they fill in then you could consider one of the mentioned plugins above.

    5. Shortcodes are not active by default and would require you to edit the code.

    What about putting it in Paypal mode by default but then have a pay manually form in a widget? So they can get in touch with you to make manual payment and upgrade their account.

    Gravity Forms:

    Formidable Pro

    Take care.

  • Pawan Arora

    Thanks Timothy!!!

    I am not able to understand few things:

    1: How pricing table goes with pro sites - can they be integrated.
    2. How the Forms will again integrates with Pro sites.

    I mean Pro site dynamically generates and displays packages as shown in the screen shot (attached) - when client selects one of the options - its then a form should appear populating amounts and features he has opted for......

    I know to start with - I won't be getting well baked or full baked product - few things got to be done at my end. But need guidance on how to go about? or probably what are the best practices/methods used in such situations.

    Kindly do help me on this.

  • Pawan Arora

    Hi Timothy

    3. How do you mean? Could you show me a screenshot of what you mean?

    The screen shot I have attached is same you asked for.

    When I click on any one of the options (when set to pay pal , fine you will click paypal button all required info is passed on to paypal, but when set to manually - nothing else appears. Option turns red and then nothing happens).

    What about putting it in Paypal mode by default but then have a pay manually form in a widget? So they can get in touch with you to make manual payment and upgrade their account.

    Can you elaborate more on this. See - I want manual system also should communicate with pro sites? I am actually new to all this but learning a lot from you people.

    Thanks for all the patience.

  • Timothy Bowers

    1. It wouldn't, it could link to the signup page from your sales page. It doesn't integrate as such.

    You asked how to show the information to customers who don't yet have a blog. This could be one viable way, but you don't have to use that, you could just crate a manual sales page yourself.

    2. The manual has no processing as you need to upgrade their accounts once you've confirmed payment.

    As I said you could use Paypal or Stripe by default, then have a form done in a widget or similar for those paying manually so that they can submit any required data to you like a transaction number or a cheque number.

    Currently Pro Sites can only handle 1 gateway which is why I mention using one which takes payments online and then having some form so people can submit information of manual payments to you.

    If you only want manual payments and you want to put a form in that Manual Payments field then as a quick fix open up:

    /pro-sites/pro-sites-files/gateways/gateway-manual.php Line 113

    And change:

    . $psts->get_setting('mp_instructions') .

    To this:

    . do_shortcode($psts->get_setting('mp_instructions')) .

    You would need some custom coding to pass in the selection to the forum, or you could just make a drop down with a your chosen form plugin so that they click the drop down and select the product.

    Take care.

  • Pawan Arora

    Thanks Timothy

    Well I am trying to understand but not fully convinced.

    The functionality should be extended - to the level that we update certain parameters after realizing the payment and then system keeps track of certain things like reminders and other related stuff.

    Do you see this as a required feature?

    +1 for this please it is required.

    ...anyways I am on way to learn and implement few things - probably will need more support on coming issues.

    but if someone has implemented manual system - some live example - I would like to see the flow of control.


  • Timothy Bowers

    The functionality should be extended

    I don't disagree, in fact I'd love to see the option of taking multiple payments. It's fairly common in most carts and with providers to ensure customers have plenty of options to pay with the company.

    As this would get lost here, it might be worth creating a new "Feature Request" Thread or adding your support to an existing one.

    I'd certainly add my support for this.

    Take care.

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