How to have a "blog" or "archive" page

I want Edublogs Homepage to stay as-is, but I also want a separate "News/Blog" page -- as if it were the blog page and there was also a static home page (hope that makes sense).

What's the best way to have a "News/Blog" page that is just an archive page or whatever you want to call it -- without editing wp-admin -> Settings -> Reading -> Static Home Page ?

Thank you.

  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi @Clifford

    Hope you're doing well.

    I tried this myself, to see what would work best and these are the steps I took (of course my own humble approach on things):

    1. After installing the Edublogs Homepage, I created a new page called 'Latest News' and selected the 'Blog and News' template under Page Attributes.
    2. Next I installed a plugin called Widgets on Pages and activated it.
    3. I then went to widgets and on the bottom right hand side I found the Widgets on Pages 1 option box. I added the widget 'Recent Posts' here and configured it to show 10 recent posts. A shortcode is displayed above the widget that I inserted, which I copied and pasted into the 'Latest News' page and saved.
    4. Next I went to WP Admin Dashboard » Appearance » Menus and saved a new menu and assigned it to the Theme via the dropdown menu on the left 'Theme Locations'.
    5. I then added the links that I want to appear on my main menu, same items that were displayed before I assigned a custom menu (Home, Activity, Community etc) and also the newly created 'Latest News' page to the main menu

    I think I managed to keep the things in place as you mentioned (static home page, reading settings) and still create a 'blog archive' page.

    Let me know if this is what you had in mind.

    Have a great day, Clifford!


  • Clifford P

    I thought it was a good suggestion, but I'll probably switch the site to my normal PageLines theme instead of messing with this and other stuff in this theme. My suggestion, regarding my original question, is for the theme to have a shortcode that takes over the page it's put on and displays the theme's options. That way the home page can be a static page and I can set a different page to be the blog page and I could have a 3rd page for [edublogs-hijacked-page] that would look like the edublogs homepage. Maybe no need for a 3rd page, just have the theme option that plays well with the static page settings -- so Edublogs homepage would be the static page chosen in the WP settings.

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