how to have members register for e-newsletter

Need a quick answer about e-newsletter. I'm setting up a new site so people can register or sign up to receive e-newsletter's I may be overlooking something or missing the concept altogether.

However I really need to get this set up as soon and simply as possible. We need to get as many people to register so we can plan our reunion. Would like to have the ability to not have to re-enter data multiple times.

So what is the best way to have people register for the E-newsletter. From their they will receive information on how to log into a hidden page where they can fill out personal information, blog, and register for the event once we get the date confirmed we will also be using events+ to register for the reunion.

Any and all help is appreciated.

Again I want to keep these processes as simple as possible so that the ladies ca do the majority of the work once I have site completed.