How to have menu items appear only when logged in as subscriber?

I think this should be very simple...I want a page to be hidden unless logged with Subscriber access. I used a "restrict content" plugin. That did the trick, but I see a fault. On a per page basis you can set the access. I don't want people to see the page so I left if off the menu. I want the login to be in the menu not a sidebar, I made a login page and used the log-in shortcode from WPBakery Visual Composer. It let me redirect user to a page after login. Great. But if the user goes off the "restricted page" there is no access to get back on without a menu item. And I can't figure out how to let the user logout so they can log back in!! I tried making the page private. Couldn't figure it out. Even found <?php if (is_user_logged_in()){
echo " code...but I don't think this should be that hard.