How to hide active plugins from the plugin list on subsite?

My site settings and the issues I've been trying to solve are as follows:

- I have Pro Sites, NBT, and WPMUDEV Domain Mapping network activated.
- Pro Sites settings -> "Premium Plugins Manager" enabled.

1. All plugins come with each blog template are automatically copied to the user's subsites without a manual activation and their configuration settings could be shown or not shown depending on Super Admin permission.

2. Those particular activated plugins attached with the blog template above will be hidden from the plugin list from all subsite users including the site administrator.

3. Those particular "must-have" plugins attached with the blog template above must be activated at all time and will be kept out from the hands of non-Super Admin.

4. Those plugins above will normally be displayed on the Super Admin - Main Site and Network Dashboard as they are.

5. Those plugins above will only be updated / managed by Super Admin only.

6. Premium plugins are populated on the plugins list according to the plan user is on, can choose to activate or deactivate upon their requirement.

I have tested by having each of the modules on in order to achieve my flow.

1. With "Premium Plugin Manager" enabled: I need to enable all plugins from the manager list which are required to be activated on the blog template to prevent non working / malfunction cloned subsite. Problem: I need to hide these required plugins from the premium plugin list, please advice according to the Desired Workflow above.

2. With "Premium Plugin" enabled: This one seems to fit well with my flow in the beginning but problem occurs with "Auto Activate" which doesn't seem to work at all. My free trial plan offers customer to test the site with ALL the premium plugins activated on this plan, after I switched to the paid plans, some of them are still shown on the list and activated when they were supposed to be disappeared. Plus some required plugins for the blog template, got deactivated during the plan switching which causes the site the break horribly.

Hope you aren't confused, please ask if you need more explanation.