How to Hide All Menus in Dashboard except essentials

I have tried Admin Menu Editor for a while but for some reason it is not getting rid of menus I need to hide, so now I ma seeking an alternative.

Has anyone here achieved a stripped down dashboard?

I’d like my admins to only see what they need to see (Posts, Pages, Media, Links, Menus and Widgets.

ANy ideas would be great.



  • Martin Koss
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Phil

    Yes I did try the ‘Easy Blogging’ plugin but (a) it seems to disable the ‘screen options’ drop-down and (b) it doesn’t prevent admins from going back to ‘advanced’ and having full access to everything else.


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Actually, the Membership plugin can be used for that too. Using the two menu rules, you can restrict access to either the main panel menus or the sub-menu items within them. If you’re using it on a multisite network, you’d have to set it up to use the global table (specified in the membership-config.php) file.

    Other than that, I can’t really see why the Admin Menu Editor wouldn’t work. You may be able to get support with that through the forums on that one. Have you tried that?

  • Martin Koss
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Mason: Yes I considered that one too. But opted for sticking with Admin Menu Editor (once I woke up) and for deeper control on a per site basis I have Adminimize installed. I need to control certain features within the theme editor and adminimize does that.

    David: I got Admin Menu Editor working properly – I was trying to remove a menu but discovered there was a sub item that was still active, hence the menu still displayed. Yep – it was late on a Sunday! Plus my silly butt was logged in at one point as a demo user that wasn’t an admin! Yes – I need sleep.

    I thought the ‘Membership’ plugin had the facility to pick and choose menus etc., but I’ve opted to go down the route of ‘Supporter’ and, recalling our previous messages, ‘Supporter’ is better for what I’m aiming to achieve.

    Not sure if having Admin Menu Editor AND Adminimize is a bit overkill, I may end up with Adminimize only so I have control on a per site basis and, if someone was an advanced user (someone who understands that a few pixels in the wrong places can screw-up a layout), I could easily enable menus etc on a per-site basis (on request).

    Thanks for all your help. It’s good to get nudged back on track!


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