How to hide backend store settings on multisite?


I want to set up a site that users can sell digital downloads.

So far I have a working multisite install, with marketpress and a few other plugins.

I want to really restrict individual site admins to the settings.

Ideally they should only be able to upload products, choose categories, enter their paypal email, and a couple of other bits. Really simple stuff only.

What is the best way to do this? Can I change role permissions? if so please point me in the right direction. Any useful plugins?

Is market press right for this? or should I try something else?


  • Alexander
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    Hi @bob,

    I'm sorry this isn't possible with MarketPress. It is indeed the right plugin for digital downloads and multiple store owners, but there isn't a way to granularly restrict certain settings panels or tabs.

    This could be possible by modifying the plugin, but isn't available out of the box.

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  • Dev4
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    You could use easy blogging and give them just the menu options you want. One by one. It would not be secure because if they know the url for a menu not on the list they could type it directly. But for some uses that could be a solution.

  • bob
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way. I want control over nearly all the store settings, but still want sellers to be able to upload digital content to sell. If I set up a single MarketPress site, not MU, could I create a role, or give certain users permission to sell digital products.

    So rather than a market place site, it would be a store with multiple sellers.

  • Alexander
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    It's possible, but without Multisite the users would have the ability to edit one another products, so this could be a problem.

    What might be a better option is using something like New Blog Templates to provision the store settings behind the scenes.

    Then allow users to only access products, and categories. They wouldn't be able to change any of the other settings, but would be able to control their own products at the very least.

    Best regards

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