How to hide dashboard menu items added by some plugins.


I am trying to customise users’ dashboards.

I have installed the "toggle meta boxes" .

Plus I have also installed the "supporter-remove-menu-items.php" plugin that I have found on a post in this forum, to get more flexibility

I managed to customise to dashboard menu as far as the standard menu and submenus go. But I can’t remove some submenu items added by plugins in the Settings menu.

I have also installed the mu-pluggin-manager plugin, but even if I allow a plugin for supporter only, I still get the corresponding submenu item (in Settings) for none supporters. (exemples Google map, WP_thread comments, Email)

I would also like to remove some top-level menu items like "Forum", "Supporter". ( I actually don’t want none supporteer to see the supporter menu because I want to control who has supporter’s rights).

Could you please indicate how to access these none standard menu items so that I can add them in my "supporter-remove-menu-items.php" file?