How to hide Membership menu?

I would have thought this was asked by now, probably has been but I can’t find it in the forums.

I have installed Membership as instructed, Network Activated. However, I don’t want it to show up for all users to also have access to the Membership menu. I may choose to add this later as supporter feature, but right now everyone has access to it.

How can I disable that? I of course thought of only enabling Membership on my main site (thought about it during installation too), but not sure how that would affect it’s usage across network, and quite frankly didn’t want to chance it because I finally got it working like I want. The only issue is that it shows up for all users, particularly the Repair function for the database. That can’t be good to have all of the users be able to access that, can it?

Any idea’s on the best way to handle this without me breaking anything? :slight_smile: