How to hide "Preview" content after paymen

Is there any way to hide the preview content after the payment has been made?
I have a teaser video and then a full length video, I want to hide or disable the teaser and ONLY show the full video after payment has been made.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Oliver,

    It would require custom development to do this if you are using the "one time view" option.

    However, if you're using either the Period Pass or Recurring Subscription option(both require registration) then you can combine this with Membership 2 Pro:

    Which will definitely make it possible :slight_smile:

    You can setup a default logged in membership that will hide the preview content so after they login then they won't be able to see the preview anymore but will be paying for the paid full video, so will see that.

    Would that work with your plan?


  • Oliver

    Hello Tyler,

    Yes that would work. I already installed the Membership2 plugin and set it up.

    I'm protecting the paid content via the shortcode on a page, so how do I hide the preview content to users that already paid for their membership?

    Another issue is that once the payment process is done in paypal, the user has to click on the button to come back to the sites thank you page, but its difficult to find the page where the content is displayed that they just paid for. Is there a way to automate the navigation back to the page where the paid content is displayed?


  • Sajid

    Hi Oliver,
    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    You can protect the content by using the [ms-protect-content] shortcode and setting its access option to no for the content they have already previewed as a free user.

    So the shortocode will be like this:
    [ms-protect-content id="2" access="no" silent="yes"] Everybody except members of membership 2 can see this! [/ms-protect-content]

    For the full list of shortcodes and their possible accepted options/arguments please go to Membership 2 -> Help -> Shortcodes.

    I am afraid there is no way to automatically redirect the user to the page where they were before purchasing at the moment. Sorry!

    However, you can send them an introductory email explaining where they should go after payment completed. You can set a generic email template to be used for all memberships from Membership 2 -> Settings -> Automated Email Response (see screenshot).

    Or you can also customize email template for each membership from Membership 2 -> Memberships -> Your Membership -> Edit -> Automated Email Responses (see screenshot).

    Hope that helps! Feel free to post a reply if you need further assistance :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

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