How to hide signup-section div in Product Theme after login

Hi Folks,

On the Product Theme, I'd really like to be able to not display the Signup div after a user has logged in ( in fact that would be a GREAT option for the theme<g> ).

It just takes up space and the message there is no longer relevant after a visitor has signed up for full access to the site.

How can I do that?


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    I know I can remove it, but that was not what I asked.

    I'd like to have it display as normal when a non-registered or non-logged in visitor comes to the site.

    Then when they log in I want it to hide so that the non-relevant message is no longer displayed and the real estate is available.


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    Thanks Phil,

    You'd just need to take the relevant file from the theme and add it to a child theme.

    Since I am already using the Product child theme, would I create my own ( child of a child ) theme and modify it there - or is the child theme just a jumping off point?

    One other thing.

    On the themes that show they are compatible with WP, Multisite and BuddyPress, does BuddyPress have to be installed?

  • Philip John
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    As you're already using a child theme you can skip the creating a child theme but and simply copy the relevant file from the parent and modify that within your existing child.

    That just show they work with BuddyPress, it doesn't necessarily mean they won't work without BP, no.


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    Thanks for the clarification Phil.

    I just wanted to be sure that my changes in the child file would not be overwritten in an update (since the theme came with a child theme).

    Also thanks for the info about BP. I felt sure that was the case, but since I am new to BP themes wanted to make sure I was not shooting myself in the foot<g>.

    BTW - wrapping the call to the signup in the is_user_logged_in() function worked quite well.

    The theme is much nicer now IMHO with the div hidden once the user is logged in.

    I would strongly suggest adding a checkbox in the theme options to enable this behavior (and indeed on any similar themes as well).


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