How to hide/disable the default BuddyPress community navigation...


I'm trying to remove the default navigation for buddypress (Home, Activity, Community) as I have a custom menu that will contain some of the same links. I have tried what was suggested in the thread below with no change in my navigation.

I have WP 3.3.1, BP 1.5.5, and bp-fun theme version 1.4.2. (I am using a child theme.)

(While I am asking, I also need to figure out how to get the custom menu to all appear inline instead of in columns with three rows each, as well as how to change the colors to match the yellow nav bar. (Here's a screenshot of the current navbar: . A direct link to the site is


  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hello Jeff,

    You got one colorful site there, looks great!

    The menu by default will be replaced by the custom menu and you do not have to remove it. How did you get that menu up there?

    Ideally you should be using Appearance > Menus to get it up there and those menus by default will act as a drop down too.

    To make sure things, I checked it out right now and yes, it works that way.

    Can you try adding a menu using the Appearance > Menus in your dashboard. Of course, if you have messed up with the navigation in your code, it would be better to revert just that part to the original code and then use the custom menus, everything is easier that way, don't you think?

    See the screenshot attached.

  • Jeff
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    Thanks for the reply Arun.

    I am using Appearance >> Menus to create the custom menu and it was working fine before I updated the theme and buddypress. When I updated buddypress the additional menu items appeared (Home Activity Community) and when I updated the theme, it threw the custom menu out of whack, turning it all black and putting it in columns as it appears in the screenshot in my first post. I haven't changed anything in the code with regards to the menus, although a programmer we had working on it previously did have to change something to get it to appear correctly, but we had some of the files on our child theme get overwritten by accident and didn't have an up-to-date backup.

    I switched to the parent theme and this is what I got:

    Looks like there is something in the child theme that is causing problems with the menus... (Although in the parent theme you can see that the menu has another problem... none of the links that are supposed to be in a dropdown are in a dropdown... Instead they all got thrown into the main menu in alphabetical order.)

  • Jeff
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Ok Arun, let me clarify the issues I am having with my menus as I am not able to find the solution to them in my code. (I am learning PHP but admit to being still a bit of a novice... :slight_smile: I can only generally pinpoint where they are coming from but don't know how to fix them. )

    So for the first issue, I am ending up with two separate menus. The first one is the buddypress menu - it is only visible when I have the buddypress plugin active. It can be seen here:
    I am trying to deactivate this menu altogether so that I am only left with the custom menu I have set up in my theme (bp-fun-child), which will have most of the same links in it.

    The second issue that I need to correct is to get the menu that I created under "Appearance" > "Menus" to show up in a single row and to be yellow with blue text (like the buddypress menu appears in the screenshot).

    How would I go about correcting this problem in the child theme so that it doesn't get overwritten when we update our site?

  • Jeff
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    You were right Arun... I wasn't aware of what changes had been made to the menus in the code previously as I wasn't the one that made them.

    It looks like there is an old header.php file in my child theme that is causing the menu to be thrown out of whack. Now I just need to find out what edits were made to that file so that I can add them to the updated file...

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