How to hire a dev and how to know good code?

I'm about to hire a freelancer to turn my PSD into a custom Genesis theme for WordPress. I'm stuck between a few people to hire.

1. Any questions a non-dev can ask that would indicate how qualified the person is?

2. If I would share a few sites from each finalist with a dev consultant who I know is good, but can't take on any projects, would they be able to tell how good that person is?

3. Is the fact that these are Genesis themes I'm sharing make it more difficult to know? I'm making an assumption that not everything the developer has done can be seen via "view source" in a browser. Let me know if that assumption is correct or not.

Thank you.

  • Vaughan


    #1 ask them for examples of their previous work.

    are they experienced with wordpress codex and coding standards.

    does the developer do unit testing? (not necessary but a bonus if so) also if the developer can do penetration testing & optimization, then that is also a great bonus.

    #2 yes to an extent, but this might also take some time for the consultant to review the code.

    just because code looks messy, doesn't necessarily mean he is bad. but a good coder will try to make his work easy to follow. and wherever possible he will use built in wordpress functions, hooks & filters. however just because he doesn't, also doesn't mean he is bad, a custom theme just for you doesn't necessarily mean you need all the hooks to hook into it.

    security is a big concern, but if they use proper coding standards, filters and codex then security is better. but that doesn't mean you should be complacent. even the best coders can introduce issues, just look at the hacks on linked in, twitter & so on.

    #3 genesis is a theme framework, so the developer would need to know wp codex as well as the genesis framework too. however he doesn't have to be an expert on it, though unfamiliarity with them will obviously increase the time it takes to finish the work.

    hope this helps

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