How to host email using Pro Sites and domain mapping?

I have built a network of sites and have some new users who want to join. But, they are asking about their email, which is hosted in the same account as their existing website.

If I point their domain to my network then they will cancel their existing hosting plan and therefore lose their email.

How can I offer email hosting using Pro Sites with domain mapping?


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @dave,

    You can't really do this, They could actually just change their A records to point to your server, and keep their MX records on their own, or change at the domain registrar. The MX records are for emails, so they can be rerouted anywhere.

    Alternatively, you could add those to your server, and then they can point their MX records at your servers & you can create their accounts on your CPanel for them, then they use your server for their email pop3/imap/smtp etc instead.

    So it's just a matter of getting those mx records configured. That also means you can't park the domains.

    hope this helps

    • The Bug Hunter

    Hey @Dave, just wanted to add an option to the pot that might appeal...

    Namely, get a email service account with someone who specializes in such and use that to provide your client's mail with. Its generally more a more secure environment for their data, and takes the load off your web server.

    Personally, I use RackSpace for email service. Its pretty cheap, very reliable, and isn't gmail (though thats an option too).

    Also, if they're into it and not on a huge budget for making changes, why not just leave their mail services at their old host - at least for now?

    As @Vaughan said, just pointing their A record to your IP should work for now unless there are some other considerations.

    Just my 2 cents. I like to keep the web server/services for websites, use email servers/services for emails, and ideally the same for the DB too.

    Obviously, some of this involves some significant cost, the right blend is the key, eh?


    • The Bug Hunter

    Cheers @Dave!

    ps. also, have you heard of Mandrill for WP transactional emails? Its from the MailChimp folks, runs on their infrastructure (last I knew). There is a WP plugin for it in the repository. I've only used the free level so far, but its worked pretty well.


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