How to I have a function in functions.php execute in Easy Blogging mode?

I realized that some custom functions I have (i.e. one that injects a script to hide fields in the profile.php page) does not get executed in Easy Blogging. What's the best way to make sure some functions in functions.php gets executed or is there documentation on a hook I can run?

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    The functions.php is always executed, provided the theme you're editing is the currently selected theme. If you require a functionality that needs to be cross-theme (meaning, available regardless of the currently active theme), you may want to look into making a mu-plugin or even a regular plugin for this. Having said all that, the hook you're hooking up to could be not triggered. If it's admin_head, please try adding this switch to your functions.php too:


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