How to I remove some dashboard links for my users


I have a WPMU/Buddypress community, and I’m using the “Blog Templates” plugin. So I’m trying to build a blog for my users that is as minimalist as possible. (my users are not tech savvy)

For that I’m removing the maximum of things : widgets, screen options, menus, etc.

I’m using Ultimate Branding which is a great plugin, but it doesn’t help me with that.

Anyway, my question is :

Do you know a plugin (or an easy way) to remove some links in the admin area of my user’s site.

More specifically, I want to remove some links that are added by plugins I’m using.

I have to use these plugins on my template blog, but I don’t want the users to see weird links they don’t understand.

Hope you can help, thanks a lot in advance !