How to I show my customers that prices in MarketPress are listed in Australian dollars?


I list the products in my store in AUD$ and I would like it to be very clear to my customers that it is in Australian Dollars, not US, New Zealand or Canadian or any other type of dollars. Is there a way in the MarketPress plug in to show that the prices are in AUD?

Currently it just has the price with a dollar sign ($) which is not specific enough.



  • Patrick

    Hi there @RainSnare

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    I'm not entirely sure how, or if, the currency symbol can be modified by adding perhaps a custom function to your active's functions.php file.

    However, it can be changed directly in the plugin code. Keep in mind that an edit of this type would need to be done again every time you update the plugin.

    The currency symbols are defined in marketpress/marketpress-includes/marketpress-data.php way down at the bottom of the file.

    To change the currency symbol from "$" to "AUD$", change this line:
    "AUD"=> array("Australia, Dollars", "24"), this:
    "AUD"=> array("Australia, Dollars", "41, 55, 44, 24"),

  • Ash

    Hello @RainSnare

    I hope you are well today.

    I'm launching in Australia first, but then will expand to other countries. Do you know of a way to allow the customer to indicate which country they are in and have the prices change to their own currency?

    This is not possible out of the box, I am afraid. This will need a fair amount of custom code, also the price needs to be converted on the fly.

    Also, if you need to customise this then you can post a job in our job board where you can hire a developer to assist further: Please note that, no WPMU official staffs are allowed to work in the job board.


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