How to improve Hummingbird performance results when using Avada theme

Page Speed Insights is showing bad results for my site and I want to improve them. I have Hummingbird installed with Avada theme and I’ve found that there are some issues between them. I would also like to find out about using a CDN as well.

  • Anton Vanyukov

    Hi VERN,

    What issues do you have in the report? And what is the conflict between Avada and Hummingbird?

    If you are experiencing any issues with Avada, it is recommended that you turn off compression (Avada -> Advanced -> Dynamic CSS & JS) when using Hummingbird's Minification engine. But if there are no errors in the browser console and all the theme modules work as expected, you can leave the compression on.

    Regarding CDN. You can move all the assets (CSS and JavaScript files) to the WPMU DEV CDN. This can be done on the Minification page (top summary meta box or settings page). If you want to use Cloudflare for all your other static resources (images, media, etc), you can configure the integration on the Browser Caching page.

    Best regards,

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