How to improve turnaround time.

I am experiencing losing time in the forum and have a suggestion to save the time lost.

When I post a message I try to explain it as best I can.

After a while (anywhere from 1 hour to 24) I get a response, which is usually helpful. So I return a response.

While I am waiting, someone else, an Elite joins the thread and adds their help, but their "comment" becomes the next comment in the thread, and I respond to that comment because it's a good thing, so my response becomes the next in the thread - this new comment may be helpful but not necessarily actual "support", it's a passing comment, it's welcome, but it shouldn't hi-jack the conversation.

..>When Support returns and just answers the last comment, I miss out on the answer I need... so I have to re-post and try again (AGAIN!).

I'm not saying comments are not useful, they are! But I need Support to answer my question too.

My suggestion here, is to alter the software to allow a side-conversation - if a side issue comes up we can discuss it - but the main question isn't obscured.

In the meanwhile, without any code changes, I suggest when Support returns, to re-read the thread and avoid simply answering just the last comment. It causes me to re-post my question, and that sets me back, I lose valuable time.

If turnaround cannot be achieved under 1 hour, then Support, please re-read the question and follow the thread taking into account the question. I know it's not easy and things are complicated, but I need help.

I hope to think we can fix threads - in effect being hi-jacked - and improve turnaround time and make a better experience for all.

Thank you!

  • aristath

    Hello there @johnjz,
    I can see your point in this post, however this is a community. Everyone tries to help each-other and that sometimes means that conversations might get a bit off-topic.
    We do try to "contain" the topics but not always successfully. As for reading through the entire post before replying, sometimes that is simply impossible! There are threads here that have tens of replies, spanning across tens of pages! In these cases we can't read every reply, but we do read the last 3-4.
    These are real issues... But in order for them to be resolved the very nature of these forums would have to change dramatically, and it would have to stop being an open community. They are simply negligible when compared to the benefits that the community offers...
    However if you can think of anything that would help streamline the process a bit more, we'd be really happy to hear you out!


  • johnjz

    Hi Ari,

    yep, I guess that's right, I essentially agree with your point of view, and I'm certainly not trying to rock the community, but I am I'm falling between the cracks and I'm looking for a way to not fall off the back of the bus, but it's not my first time and I'm persistent:slight_smile:

    Perhaps Dr_Scythe's remedy is the right medicine.

    Rather than changing how people operate, change the software. Have a little conversation thread, facebook has introduced it if you know what I mean.

    The time it will save is the point. I cannot stress that enough. I cannot make it any simpler. Time is expensive. So let's support the community by addressing wasted time by implementing a time saving feature, that will make everyone's job better.

    If you do not wish or it's not possible to change the software then I will have to become creative and post my questions 24 hours before I think of them LOL :slight_smile:

    Thank you.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there John,

    I hope you are well today, just wanted to follow up with you here.

    We take all suggestions on board and are constantly looking to improve in all aspects of the member experience, we are currently looking to introduce a new back end syste, to improve staff response time and to stop threads getting lost in the system.

    Please be reassured that we will always do our best to get your threads resolved in a timely manner.

    Thank you! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards

  • aam

    I do get the concern expressed by Johnjz - and possibly a simple addition of the code to the forum that does the following will solve the issue of main question being sidetracked.

    A red box or tab, (fixed at a particular location on the screen) of a suitable size that can be easily visible but not become an obstruction or irritable can be introduced.

    If the thread-starter thinks s/he needs support to solve a problem, s/he should be able to make the red box visible on the forum thread all the time until the problem is solved from proper support post(s).

    This means that general discussion thread-starters can leave this box in "unvisible" state. When the the thread starter feels that the issue is resolved, s/he should be able to change the box color to say green, indicating no further support is required there.

    Clicking on the red box any time should lead the clicker to the post that describes the problem of the thread-starter in its current state (this means every-time the thread starter makes the post (as a response or otherwise), s/he has the choice to make that post as the anchor of "problem as it stands currently" (by default, this will be the opening post).

    All the threads visible on the main page of the forum can also be color coded with small red box or pin to indicate the same.

    Similarly, some other color code could also be associated with all the unanswered threads (i.e those with ZERO response), and a link be provided that will bring up all the unanswered threads. Likewise another link for all threads with unresolved problems.

    Now all that you need is the coder to get this suggestion to turn into the forum feature. :slight_smile:

  • johnjz

    Thanks aam, for your colour coded suggestion.

    Here is the Discourse description suggested by Dr_Scythe...

    allows you to reply to someone as a new thread.


    Simple, but with context

    Discourse is a simple, flat forum, where replies flow down the page in a line.

    Replies are attached to the bottom and top of each post, so you can optionally expand the context of the conversation – without breaking your flow.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @johnjz and @aam

    I hope you are both well today.

    Some very interesting suggestions there, I'm not sure how well the colour code box would work to be honest, as would users get confused about why it's showing, how to get rid of it etc?

    We do indeed have some improvements coming from a admin point of view for us Staff, to track threads better and keep up with the latest reply's to all our threads more easily. See we currently use feed readers to keep track of our threads, which means if someone else posts it goes right to the top even if it's not the original poster, this technically means it would get answered last. as by the feed reading software it's considered as having a response, if that makes sense?

    But I assure you both we are indeed looking at ways to improve the supplied support and we take all suggestions and feedback very seriously :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards


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