How to include "Free Trial" in the Pricing Table?

Need some information related to pro sites.

Do I have to make Free it’s own level if I want a limited free Trial?

Looks like the Free Trial in Pro Sites settings just puts a sentence at the bottom to signup free. Not a column in the pricing table.

I wanted to make the Free Tier available for people with limitations like 100MB storage only and such but the Pro can have 7GB to compete with WP

I want to set it up in a way that our free isn’t hurting us though so if you can help with the above query if the “Free Trial” is only possible the right way by making it a level

cause the built-in Free in settings seems to only be for the plans correct?

The free trial as a plan. I only want the Free to be temporary then they can upgrade to paid. So the PRO could say something more clear to free for 30 days or such. I want to allow them 30 days free trial but make it very clear it’s free… and allow 90 days with coupon code.

Only way to make that clear is to make a free plan but then this is unlimited time

During the free trial they can’t map a domain but if they pay then they can…

If not possible then maybe we’ll have an Ads supported free tier but I dunno…

(1) is there a way to make the free trial have its own permissions, like no domain mapping, and be very clear on the Pricing page to encourage people to try?

(2) If that’s impossible in Pro Sites then we can do the Ads supported free page but.. can we get emails somehow of just the free users to email them coupon codes or encouragement to upgrade.