How to Include Sub-Blog Posts in BP Daily Slideshow


Is there a way to show sub-blog posts in the slideshow on BP Daily's front page?

I've built a niche' blogging community and want to show community posts on the front page. Currently, I have achieved this with a custom "Promote to Main Blog" function that allows me to repost from a sub-blog to the main blog. It's a bit quirky, but it works.

I have two challenges with my "promote" solution.

1. duplicate blog entries may be hurting SEO

2. the code isn't playing nice with WP3

Therefore, I'm trying to find a different solution. I'm thinking of moving the activity stream to the front page, instead of columns/rows, and only showing blog entries. That part's easy.

But I still need to be able to feature sub-blog posts in the slideshow somehow. Has anyone figured out a way to do this?