How to insert images in the BuddyPress Group Calendar event

Hi, BuddyPress Group Calendar is a great plugin. I think it’s helpful very much.

I have the demand to insert images, maybe sometimes other file formats in the event. But I found the media upload button is closed in the event WordPRess editor. Even I modify the code of media_buttons configuration to true, I found the images can’t be uploaded just as common post types. There will be an error message. It just happen because event isn’t saved as a post type in the WordPRess Post table, but in BuddyPress Group Calendar table.

I think by modifying the code, it’s possible to upload images into website. A possible way is to upload the file into some special post type and related the post with the event. It need some modification but I think it’s deserved.

If you have some better idea, please let me know. I can add such feature by myself.