How to install a prebuilt website created with Duplicator Install files on multisite

Hi, I'm trying to solve how to install pre-built websites created with Duplicator Install files in multisite "sub site" folders. I have a number of pre-built amazon affiliate sites I would like to install in my multisite. The correct method shown is via data bases constructed in the site cpanel html folder. refer video link Only problem is, in my Cpanel although I have created the data bases they do not show anywhere, nor do the actual mutisite subsites! Any suggestions? 3 screen shots attached.
Daniel Warren

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    Hi Jude, yes I am aware of the above link, my question was more along the lines of will any of wpmudev plugins be capable of doing the task, or if anyone had a workaround! I have read through about 200 forum posts and the info on the plugins, but I could not find an answer.

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    Hey @53danielwarren,

    The workaround would be to first go through the process of setting up each site you have in separate WordPress installs (like what the video mentions), and then use a plugin like our Snapshot Pro plugin to create a snapshots of each site (I'd back up the media, and the tables for each site):

    Inside of your Multisite install, you would copy the themes & plugins required for all of the sites into their respective folders (plugins go into /wp-content/plugins, themes go into wp-content/themes), and then create a subsite for each site you're wanting to import.

    Then, Snapshot Pro would be installed on your Multisite, and you would go through the process of importing each site's snapshot into it. Then, each snapshot would need to be "restored" to the appropriate subsite on the network (you'll need to specify it, either by entering the slug or the ID for the subsite, as Snapshot will mention that the snapshot comes from elsewhere).

    Once you've done all this, things should be working properly.

    Kind Regards,

    P.S. For sake of completeness (but only added afterwards, so the workaround could be highlighted), one reason that the method mentioned in the video didn't work for Multisite here would be that Multisite stores the tables for all sites on the network in a single database, so it's not going to use the other databases that were created earlier.

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