How-to Install buddypress as a sub-domain

Hi there

1st of all, I found your support just awesome and I like to share you my misery to help me with it please , 2nd I'm so sorry if I knocked a door which was already opened.

but I searched around for an answer but with no avails

I'm not an expert in php coding or master in web designing but I'm building a medical website which is proudly using press services, WPMU, BBpress and Now I wanna Add Buddypress.

I searched around for how-to install buddypress as a sub-domain
I'm using wpmu 2.9.1, wildcard is active and I like the install buddypress as


rather than Install Buddypress on a Secondary Blog --> (

I've read Changing Internal Configuration Settings --> ( but didn't find a clear answer.

I came across this code if I like to Set which blog ID BuddyPress will run on:
define ( 'BP_ROOT_BLOG', $blog_id );

if I didn't find an answer for my first question, I have plan B question
if I've chosen the blog Id to be 3 for example
would it be like this blog3.example.tld/community

and How can I Keep my old BuddyPress user / group avatars in the 1st and 2nd situation ??
and How to Redirect previous BuddyPress permalinks in both cases

I'm sorry again if I asked for something which is already answered but you are my 1st and my last rescuer

Thanks again



    A couple of questions:

    1) Is your current WPMU site at example.tld? If so is it a subdomain or subdirectory install?

    2) Are you wanted to add BuddyPress to your existing WPMU site or create a separate site?



    Dear andrew

    my site is not exapmle.tld and i'm running wpmu with activated subdomain registrations
    and I liked to add buddypress as a subdomain rather than a directory

    Thank you very much andrew for trying to help me out here and I'm sorry if I didn't explain myself properly.

    I Like self experience, it helps me in a way that I will never forget that and I learn from my mistakes.

    I added a blog called community that shown like

    and I edited my wp-config by adding this line
    define ( 'BP_ROOT_BLOG', 3 );
    at line 20

    Nomber 3 is my blog nomber (which can be subdomain or directory depending on how did you activate your wpmu)

    then activating buddypress plugin


    when I tried to activate the forum "which is bowered by bbpress" for this subdomain it showed like this

    I had a forum already which is forum.example.tld

    how can I fix that now !!?

    I found the answer

    I oppened my .htaccess and add this line
    RedirectMatch 301 ^/forums/(.*)$ http://forums.example.tld/$1

    just before
    # add a trailing slash to /wp-admin

    So now it's working nicely

    I knew i'm confusing everybody here, is this a question or an answer ?

    I asked some question and I found the answers, and I'd like to share them just in case any body tried to find an answer around here.

    but I have another question, if I didn't have bbpress installed already
    how does buddypress will activate the forums !!?
    would it install it by itself !? how would it looks like ??

    would it be like:
    community.example.tld/forums !?
    would it have the same theme as buddypress has ?

    Thanks for support guys


    I found The answer Again

    I have another website running wpmu too, and I tried to install buddypress with No bbpress previous installation, guess what !?

    It went smoothly and generate a new bbpress forum with No problem at all
    and all have the same theme

    I just Love wpmu, Buddypress , They made my life easier

    I love wpmudev too

    they made me creative rather being a Leecher