How to integrate with others TLDs

Hi. I want to add some domains to a "multi-domain plugin". I see each domain has to be Wildcard DNS configured. I already have my primary domain configured that way. Since by now is possible to configure wildcard only on root, and I'm using dedicated IP I would like to know if you have a solution, maybe integrated with Multi-Domains Plugin?

I have this domains parked at my main domain, -
And I didn't want to make them a totally different cPainel, cause will be the same content, just other language.

But I want to provide bloggers to choose what LTD they prefer.


  • aecnu

    Greetings ingridlima,

    Thank you for this great question and a significant item to bring up.

    Since by now is possible to configure wildcard only on root, and I'm using dedicated IP I would like to know if you have a solution, maybe integrated with Multi-Domains Plugin?

    I am not quite sure if I understand the question, but in cPanel you can make wildcards the same for parked domains the same as for the main domain.

    Just go to the DNS Zone Editor, choose the domain to make the wildcard for and add it.

    Please advise if this is indeed what you were asking about.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Erik

    Hi Ingridlima,
    It sounds like you want users to be able to select from two different language primary domains on new blog signup.

    To do this the steps should be close to this:

    1) First at the registrar point the new domain to your cpanel using your nameservers (ns1.. ns2.. etc).

    2) Next 'park' the new domain on your cpanel and create wildcard dns at each of the new 'top-level' domains you want to create (, this changes between host to host, but for me I just create a subdomain (to the new domain) with an asterix (ala '*'). If you are having trouble creating the wildcard subdomain ask your hosting support to do it for you. You shouldn't have to worry about another i.p, as the wildcard will be pointing to the primary and you'll ultimately be using that.

    3) Lastly register the new domain with the multi-domain plugin. Now you're free to create new subblogs under that new domain and your users can select that domain when signing up for a blog.

    Does that help?

  • ingridlima

    WOW that really helpes Erick, thank you!

    But I still have other doubts, Should I open other question @aecnu? If so, tell me and I copy + past it :slight_smile:

    1 - everything is working fine with those domains on U.S server, but what's the best way to bring and keep it still in my Brazilian server? I don't want to use on it the same dedicated IP cause will pass to be hosted in U.S. server, right?

    2 - Surely each domain has to be in it's specific language with linked content? I want to find the easy way to manage this content (will be same content in other language) By now, I just tried QLanguage, that I don't recommend, is a data mass. And I've seen 3 options to try: (1) “multisite language switcher”, (2) “content mirror” (3) polylang. Any opinion about them or other advice!

    Thanks again Joe and Erik.

  • Erik

    I've just finished a french & german site that uses polylang, It's quite cool to work with, and I recommend it. You simply match each category, page nav menu, slide in your slide, and posts with its counterpart in that language (its all pretty easy to manage), and it modifys the wp_query based upon the lang switcher to only pull that content. Which means you can have totally different pages/posts/product descriptions for different langauges. For example "this cheese goes great with wine." in one lang, and in another "this cheese goes great with sausage" sort of thing..

    You can translate strings in the template via a dashboard panel, you just have to register them in the functions file. Pretty solid in my opinion. I would recommend it over google translate, or separate subdomains of a multi site (kind of a pain to manage. plus one side is alive while the other may be dead...)

    So, I like Polylang. If you have questions feel free to ask.

  • aecnu

    Greetings ingridlima,

    Thank you for your input it is greatly appreciated.

    Mute point means a point that does not matter or is irrelevant.

    When you indicated earlier that your Brazilian domain was on a Brazilian IP I found that to be important because then it will attract a lot of Brazilian traffic as it will come up in Google searches and local searches over those in other areas of the world.

    I was trying to find out for you if this was important or does not matter to you (mute point)

    The best situation of course is a IP from France for French sites, IP from UK for UK sites etc.

    Please advise if you now understand my meaning and what I am trying to point out?

    Cheers, Joe

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