How to keep customer on my website checking out with Paypal

I have Paypal payments pro and I would like to keep the customer on my website during purchase. What is the status of the Paypal payments pro payment gateway in order to do that? On my current marketpress site I am using the PayPal Express Checkout option and I have filled in the api info using my Paypal pro account but it still sends the customer off my site to paypal.

How do I set up so the customer stays on my website?

Thank you in advance for your help,

  • chatmandesign

    Hey guys,

    This is actually a deal breaker for the client we just started implementing Membership and Buddypress for. I know you already said you don't provide ETAs on this stuff, but I was just wondering if there was any progress to add PayPal Pro features into Membership and keep them on our site sooner than later.

    Our project is supposed to be rolled live in January or February 2012, so the sooner I know the better. Let me know either way so I can continue with this project or turn around and look for a different solution.


  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey chatmandesign

    I know you already said you don't provide ETAs on this stuff, but I was just wondering if there was any progress to add PayPal Pro features into Membership and keep them on our site sooner than later.

    I know Aaron is always working hard to improve all the plugins he works on and always works to implement the most popular requests which fit well with a given plugin. Unfortunately in many projects you will find developers reluctant to give time frames, it avoids disappoint if for some reason there is a delay.

    I'm sorry I can't more specific than Mason.

  • chatmandesign


    I'm happy to hear he's dedicated to his work, but (and I see I failed to do this in my first post, my fault) I wanted to try and approach this developer to developer. I don't want a lecture as to why a time frame cannot be estimated. I would be the last person to hold him to that if he wasn't able to deliver on time. Our world of designers and developers miss deadlines all the time!

    Unfortunately, that silence is just as bad as providing an estimate because you leave your client(s) in the twilight zone wondering even more if it's going to be sooner or later. If there's a ball park, at least there'd be something to grasp, such as February or March of 2012 vs. the vast empty space. See what I mean? :slight_smile:

    Even if he or anyone were to drop a private message to me (if that's an option here) with something to grasp, that'd be acceptable and not a bound contract.

    As Wendy said earlier today, it's behind rivals like GetShopped, and me saying that makes me feel like I'm insulting the WPMU team, which I'm not and don't want to. I love these plugins! We got a refund after being screwed by GetShopped and then moved over here for a brighter future. Sadly, that Paypal integration is really putting us in the same situation again, and our clients can really be "a handful" (to put it nicely) when we can't deliver. :slight_frown:

    Here's to moving this up the priority request list! :slight_smile: Thanks guys. Keep it up!

  • Mason

    Hiya @wendyirene and @chatmandesign,

    Very good feedback here, and you're not alone in your concerns. We've been hard at work in the background to rework the whole process of how we present plugins/features that are in development. The new user profiles are the first step to that end - suffice it to say there are massive improvements coming on this front and we aim to provide more transparency in our development process.

    We're also discussing some very interesting solutions for payment gateways to bring WPMU DEV up to speed in this area - as well as proving for some stuff that no one is doing anywhere in WordPress. @Timothy is actually bringing some great ideas to the table in this regard.

    For now, the best I can do is escalate this ticket with the developers (which I will do) and say that PayPal Pro will not be added to these plugins before the end of the year. I'll let the developers correct me if I'm wrong, but if you need it soon you're best bet is to see if someone can assist via the job boards:

    As with everything here, it's a work in progress. You're feedback is what pushes us forward and let's us know the areas we need to improve. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

  • chatmandesign

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll take a look at the job boards. Also, aside from just getting PayPal Pro integrated, can you take requests on how it's implemented? We currently had to switch from Membership to something else (aMember Pro) because of this issue, but we found that there are two ways to implement it through PayPal's API: 1.) via API certificate credential or 2.) via API signature. We found that aMember Pro uses the API signature, but we are already using the API certificate in our shopping cart software and can't switch. Is it too early to tell if we could implement using either or? Or will we have to choose?

    All these little details are making it difficult for us to deal with any one membership software. I currently have the same question into MagicMembers as they seem to be one of the few with PayPal Pro.


  • chatmandesign

    Thanks Aaron. Yes that makes sense, and I'm seeing that pattern across the board on other plug-ins like your. Strange that our shopping cart provider would go certificate and throw a wrench in.

    Unfortunately (not for you!), you guys do have the best plug-in to handle and manipulate BuddyPress. That's something I'm a little worried about when using another service like aMember. How would we go about restricting certain groups and sections to different subscription levels? I guess I'm not looking for an answer from you since it's not your software. Just something for me to think about. :slight_smile:


  • detedeschi

    I too would like to request the Website Payment Pro gateway. It is after the holidays and I would like to know if you can give a status update on this. I bought the subscription to wpmudev for the sole purpose of using MarketPress and the up-front documentation simply said "Payment gateways coming out of our ears" and "Multiple payment gateways (PayPal,, Google checkout, 2checkout, Moneybookers, eWay shared payments, Cubepoints and more)" - I was disappointed to find that it was PayPal Express only. PLEASE give us an update so that we can make a business decision and move forward. And, please change your up-front advertising to accurately reflect which PayPal "system" is doable for MarketPress.

  • aecnu

    Greetings :slight_smile:

    I am happy that the WPMU developers went and fixed all the other plugins after WordPress Released 3.3 in the first week of December rather then let them all break while they developed new Plugins.

    I wanted to try and approach this developer to developer.

    We are all Developers here on WPMU Dev - just at different skill levels.

    As Dear old Grand Dad used to say anyone can point out a problem, the valuable people are those that come up with the solutions or point out a problem and offer a possible solution at the same time :slight_smile:

    We are now approximately one month and a week since the release of WP 3.3 and less then that for WP 3.3.1 plus the WPMU Dev guys and gals deserved their Holidays too.

    I would like to personally see some of these things developed that would benefit the vast many versus the few, like for example their own relationship with PayPal to approve our Chained Payments and the alleged Membership Plugin problem letting people upgrade without payment - the former is to my personal benefit as well as to all those wanting to use chained payments and the later is not to my personal benefit at all since we are not using it, though I would like to see it fixed asap - the needs of the many .....

    In Summary:

    Being a REAL Developer myself I realize the daunting task and I give the WPMU Dev developers a break since they are forced to deal with forced new versions of WP that breaks their current Plugins, changing server configurations i.e. PHP, OS's, MySQL etc. and Browser garbage too.

    As these folks appear to be doing with the plugins we do with our customers, unlike most businesses we help the current customers first before chasing the money of new customers - they fix the old plugins first before chasing the new plugins.

    No wonder we have customers still with us from 1993 .....

    Joe :slight_smile:

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