How to keep existing pages with WordPress? E.g.,

Not sure whether this is theme related, but... I'm having a bit of trouble accessing my existing pages after editing the Permalink Settings. I assume my mod_rewrite or .htaccess or both were changed.

For example, I'd like to be able to access outside of WordPress.

More detail: Before I edited the Permalink Settings, I could not see classified ads. I was getting 404 errors. So I assumed something was wrong with mod_rewrite. I figured I'd just edit the Permalink Settings and then save, hoping that doing so would write the right rules. That worked. However, when I went to access the existing pages, and I'm getting 404 errors for them.

What's the best way to ensure that I still have access to existing pages when installing or upgrading WordPress or themes?

Thanks! (Yes, I searched. All over the web, in fact.)

  • drmike

    Greets and welcome to wpmudev.

    We ask that you give working links here so we can see what's occurring. Most support forums operate in such a manner. Also the specific error is always a plus. Granted it's a 404 but we don;t know in this case what's generating the 404. It could just be the specific file you;re looking at or it could be something that wordpress is missing. Copying and pasting out of the webserver's error logs is usually what's recommended.

    Is anything generating these separate pages? Like a CMS?

    Do you have a subdomain or subdirectory install?

    Are you trying to mark out a subdirectory like in your thread title or a page like in your example?

  • Sucesso

    Hi, drmike. I'm generally hesitant to post links for privacy reasons and because some forums will ban you outright for posting links.

    At any rate, after tinkering and experimenting a bit, I have made some progress. I basically have some very simple .HTML and .PHP pages that I created manually and FTP'd to my site.

    An example: Reviews. (The actual index page) I can see that page fine, as long as I don't apply any password-protection to the directory.

    However, once I apply password protection (through cPanel on my Apache server), I can no longer see the page.

    I've created a test to compare. I have the same code residing in different directories:

    The page in a publicly-accessible directory
    The page in a password-protected directory

    So, I guess my question has changed: How can I password-protect a directory with WordPress?

    Thanks again!

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