How to know if your user is pro if you have 66,399 sites and 65,637 users. …

Not a easy question to ask :slight_smile:

I had 6 new users signup for pro sites on now how the heck do i know whom they are ?

There is no stats to show you a list of Pro Blogs please guys get this build in to the Pro Sites System

IE a page with a list of pro sites/blogs/users

I logged in to phpMyadmin and i looked under the global db and looked for prosites users i got them and i went to the last page and i found the last 6 :slight_smile: a long way of doing it but it worked

+1 for a page on ProSites that show you pro sites/blogs/users

  • DavidM
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    Hi Mark,

    What about the sites list at Network Admin > Sites or as follows?

    With Pro Sites active you should see the column letting you know the Pro status of sites. Are you looking for something different than that?



  • aecnu
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    Greetings Mark de Scande :slight_smile:

    I don’t get it?

    I can see from Network Admin–>Users–>All Users

    Which shows:

    The user name, their name, the email address, and which site(s) they belong.

    If I want to know if it is free or not I go to Network Admin–>Sites–>All Sites

    Which shows:

    The Site name, Free or Upgrade (Pro), when they last updated there site, when they registered, and the sites applicable users.

    I can click on the field name sorting them, for example like “registered” and it organizes them ascending or descending as with many of the other fields to include names, user names, domain name, and last updated.

    What is there missing?

    Joe :slight_smile:

  • aecnu
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    I wonder at what point this happens.

    I checked our first network that has a couple hundred users in it and the page numbers are still there but also it is still on PRE-WP 3.3 without plugin updates.

    We quit developing it as we come out with our 2nd version starting with WP 3.3

    This is definitely super concerning and obviously needs to be looked into and addressed asap.

    Joe :slight_smile:

  • Mark de Scande
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    @aecnu I think it is about 15K blogs then the page numbers are removed.

    I have tested it a long time ago by disabling all plugs but the post numbers were still removed.

    I have not spent any time Google it so i dont know of any fix yet .

    At the moment i am optimizing all sites on the server so my time is a tad limited but i have have a look as soon as i am done with the server


  • Mark de Scande
    • Syntax Hero

    Ps guys ProSites rocks

    The easy way to find a PRO SITE is to just look at the email PayPal sends you

    Invoice number: psts_68693_1_12_10_USD_1327465211

    Look at the no 68693 it is the ID of the blogs so you have to do is go to network admin and then type the blog id in sites and geuss what you will see the pro site :slight_smile:

    Thank you guys for all the help on this :slight_smile:

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