How to leave a subject are on a specific product in Marketpress?

Hey quick question. I thought this was simple but can’t seem to figure out in the drop down box fields how to add a subject area. There is a product to purchase that displays a custom words which the customer needs to submit in. How do I go about achieving this? Thanks

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    Thanks for your post.

    I am not sure if I fully understand what you mean and trying to achieve.

    Do you mean a custom message to be filled while ordering a product ?

    If yes, then you can check the box which says requires under Product Details >> Description

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.



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    Yes. For instance there is no way to provide an option for them in a drop down. They have to tell us what letters to print. Doesn’t seem to be working for me. I checked off required next to Description but nothing shows up.

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    Not to sound like a moron but I keep trying this over and over and I am getting no area on the front-end for the user to enter text for that one product listing.

    Let me explain the options. I have provided several variations and a price for each. If they select a certain option to buy from the drop down, for instance Printing options they need to leave what word(s) to print. I have checked off personalize and description, sometimes both and it never provides an option for the client to enter in something. Any ideas? Maybe someone could explain it to me as if I were a 5th grader? LOL Thanks

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    OK I figured it out. I guess I didn’t realize but the only time you see it on the front end is if you actually order it and it lands in your shopping cart and then once you proceed to fill out the shipping information it appears as an option to place that information in. I was thinking that the customer would be entering it immediately “prior” to adding it to their cart. But I got it figured out now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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