How to limit visible plugins in network sites?

What best way to limit visible plugins in network sites but make them active on my main, primary site? ie I only want users to see certain plugins not all of them I’m using on main network site.

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    Hey there @SimpleSite

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    Have you seen our Pretty Plugins plugin?

    It enables you to customize exactly what information is presented to your sub-site admins.

    Add Pro Sites and you can set exactly which ones are available to all sites, none, or only selected Pro Site levels.:

    Have fun!

  • Patrick
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    Not quite. :slight_smile:

    Plugins that are network-activated will not appear at all for selection by sub-site admins because they are already activated by you, the network admin, and can only be deactivated by you.

    You, as network admin, can activate & deactivate plugins anywhere on your network, including the main site, regardless of Pro Site settings.

    To hide plugins from sub-site admins, set them to “None” in your Pro Sites Premium Plugins module.

    To allow all sub-site admins access to a plugin, set it to “Anyone” in Pro Sites Premium Plugins.

  • SimpleSite
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    Interesting thing is that I don’t see any of the plugins showing in the Pro Sites Premium Plugins. Also, I see the plugins showing in the dashboard menu bar of a sub site even though they are not showing under the plugins section for a subsite. (I’m logged in with an admin unique to subsite) Thank you for any help to sort this out.

  • Paul Kevin
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    Hello @SimpleSite,

    How are you today? As a network admin, if you navigate to the Plugins section, all Plugins that are under the “Active” tab, will be visible to all users. To make a plugin not visible, you can “Network Deactivate” it.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you

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