How to link members of my site to their profiles

To whom it May Concern,

Let me start by openly admitting that I lack the technical language to easily describe what my question is - my apologies for that. Furthermore, my issue isn't strictly related to wordpress, and in fact is more about a site I have linked to my wordpress site via a SSO plugin. Okay, enough disclaimers, let's get started.

So I have a wordpress site that I've linked to a forum application and a gallery application. These 3rd party applications are run and created by a company called Invision Power Services (IPS). These applications - which are hosted by a separate site - have been linked to my wordpress, and people can access these applications from my wordpress by clicking on the main menu at the top of my site (see image 1).

Now, within this forum and gallery feature, members have an individual profile (see image 2) . Within this profile they can put in all the information you would expect to enter in a profile, and then some.

Now, here's my question - do you know of a way that I could link each member from my wordpress site to the individual profile pages I mentioned above? Basically I would like member to log onto my site, and click on a link that brings them to their individual profile page.

I realize this probably doesn't make sense, and for that I apologize deeply. Take a moment to check out my site and see exactly what I am attempting (poorly) to describe.

Thank you as always for your invaluable help.

Best, Nicholas