how to make a background image more transparent

Is there a plugin/method to make a background image more transparent? As you can see the image that we use on this site is overpoweirng the text and other images:

  • Patrick

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    There is no way to set the transparency to a background image directly. So the easiest thing would be to simply make a new, semi-transparent image and upload that one to use as your site background.

    Or you could try the technique described here:

    I've edited the example described there to illustrate the technique in simpler terms, and using your image, as seen here:

    Never mind the box dimensions & other style rules I've set there; that's just so the thing actually shows up so you can see the example working. :slight_smile:

    You'll also notice that the image has a transparent gradient. To adjust that, adjust the last value in each instance where you see this:

    It's also a good idea to include the declarations for the various browser types (as seen in the stackoverslow example) for users who are still using outdated browser versions.

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